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A must read cult spin off of The Incal, by Moebius and Jodorowsky, centering around the fascinating lineage of the ultimate warrior This collection introduces the Metabaron s bloodline and reveals the origins of their deep seated principles Find out the source of the family s vast wealth, learn why every Metabaron has cybernetic implants, and why the only way to become the next Metabaron is for him to defeat his own father in a mortal combat Follow each successive generation as it struggles to overcome the forces amassed against it in a galaxy corrupted by greed, power, and terror A true classic in the pantheon of graphic storytelling and Science Fiction as a whole....

Title : The Metabarons
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ISBN : 159465106X
ISBN13 : 978-1594651069
Format Type : Hardcover
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The Metabarons Reviews

  • Daniel Moler
    2019-06-03 15:25

    Jodorowsky is pure magic and Giminez's art is unreal. The Metabarons is like an Homerian epic of Conan and Dune mixed together. Word to the wise though, do not read the intro to the last story supplement before reading The Incal by Jodorowsky and Moebius (spoilers). Other than that, loved, loved, loved this book! The Jodoverse is one of the best sci-fi universes out there, as long you have a penchant for the barbarically absurd psychedelic. :)

  • nfp
    2019-06-08 17:27

    Jodo and Gimenez deliver an at times laugh out loud, over the top, Greek myth Shakespearean epic of hyper-machismo, earth shattering emotional displays, implausible realities, abject cruelty, and gender dismorpho-bending even that would shock even a 25 year old David Bowie. I don't know who's more mad: Jodo for writing this scatological opera or Gimenez for hand painting every panel of its 536 pages.

  • Seth Shpongleman
    2019-06-12 15:37

    An incredible work! The art and story are moving on so many levels that its hard to encompass their prestige and mystique in a simple review. A must have for lovers of "The Incal"

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-29 15:22

    Great collection, timeless, I only wished that the illustrations introducing each chapter were bigger as cover of the original books.

  • asiguere
    2019-06-10 15:19

    This book is awesome. The illustrations are baddass and Jodorowsky's stories are everything you wish for from the person that gave us The Holy mountain and el topo.

  • Timothy W.
    2019-06-05 14:35

    If you like graphic novels like this should be top on your list.

  • J. Esteras
    2019-05-30 16:21

    A true CLASSIC!!!

  • Slaviza Feo
    2019-06-19 12:33

    I loved the book