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The silent, snow covered streets of Oslo are a perfect scene of Christmas tranquillity But over the tolling of bells for the last Sunday of Advent, a black note sounds A boy s body washes up near the shoreline of the city s Aker Bridge His corpse is bloated by the water, almost unrecognisable Nobody has even bothered to report him missing One week later, the bishop of Bergen is found stabbed to death on a deserted street Eva Karin Lysgaard is a popular public figure, a sixty two year old grandmother why was she on a lone errand in the deserted city, on the night before Christmas Johanne Vik, criminal researcher and police profiler, is called in to untangle the motivation behind the bishop s murder But with her husband at the head of this increasingly high profile investigation, Vik s association with the case is under intense scrutiny And why does Lysgaard s shocking death lead her towards the sad death of an unknown boy...

Title : Modus: Originally published as Fear Not: 4
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Publisher : Corvus 1 Juli 2011
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Modus: Originally published as Fear Not: 4 Reviews

  • philocrima
    2019-03-08 06:08

    Wie jemand hier diesen Roman "boring" finden kann....das spiegelt wohl eher eine Unfähigkeit, mit Geduld zu lesen, wider. Naja. Also: ein psychologisch und kriminalistisch absolut dichter Roman, mit hervorragend behandelten ethischen Fragen; alle Figuren sind durch einen erst einmal unsichtbaren Faden verbunden, aber Anne Holts Schreibkunst verwirrt nie. (Und ein schöner Kniff ist, ein Kapitel mit ein/zwei Wörtern des vorigen zu verbinden - wie eine musikalisch zwingende Überleitung, toll!) Ich habe ihn in der sehr guten englischen Übersetzung gelesen und hoffe, daß die deutsche ebenso passend erscheint.

  • Amazon-Kunde
    2019-03-19 04:50

    I unfortunately found this story to be boring. There were loads of subplots, but I could not wait to finish the book.

  • Christine T.
    2019-03-22 04:07

    Just started this one after reading two others in the Vik series. So far I am enjoying the character development. Having read all of the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo's etc. I think comparing Holt's style to his does not do her justice. While I really enjoyed all of the complex development of those books I actually enjoy the flow of Holt's stories. They are also less heartrendingly violent. Not to imply that the story lines are not serous just different in structuring of her story lines. Having viewed also the movies produced in both Europe then done through Hollywood I am curiously hoping Holt's Vik series is picked up and done with the same careful relationships development as these books.

  • L. .G. avid reader
    2019-02-22 02:50

    I really enjoyed this book. The subject matter - hate crimes coming from religious fundamentalists - is very relevant today. I thought Ms Holt did an amazing job of describing the hate crimes occurring today and how they are organized.The story did jump round a lot and I had to keep checking to see "who" was telling the story - but over all a very good read!

  • mysreader
    2019-03-14 04:18

    This was quite good.Its her Vik & Stubo. I don't read her Hanne one.It was interesting,even tho Joanna is a very annoying character.

  • Loocy
    2019-02-21 05:02


  • Sabrina
    2019-03-06 08:08

    This book was hard to get into and I had to force myself to finish it. Anne Holt is a good writer and I for the most part enjoy her books but I could do with less Johanne Vik and her oldest daughter and more of Adam Stubo. Johanne is a whiner and whatever is wrong with her daughter I wish they would find a cure. I like the parts with Adam though. Too bad he married her.