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I devoured it in one sitting New York Times Bestselling Author Lesley Kagen.Edgewood was better than Divergent and The Hunger Games Edgewood is different Edgewood was mind blowingly amazing Olivia at Fictionally Obsessed From bestselling author Karen McQuestiona brand new, spellbinding novel.Wandering the dark streets at night is Russ Beckers way of dealing with his relentless insomnia and the angst of life But that changes forever the night he witnesses a strange astronomical event, then discovers hes developed incredible superpowers And hes not alone Three others in his townsexy Mallory, arrogant Jameson, and mysterious Nadiahave had the same experience and acquired intriguing powers of their own As if Mallory isn t special enough with her good looks and high IQ, now she can control peoples minds Jameson thinks hes the coolest because he moves objects with his thoughts, and shy Nadia struggles to understand her new empathic abilities.At first the four secretly relish their newfound gifts while keeping them hidden However, things get serious when they learn they re being hunted by an organization that wants them for its own nefarious purposes Russ has always picked his battles wisely, but when the bad guys threaten his family, they re about to find out they messed with the wrong teens What transpires will change all of them in ways they never imagined....

Title : Edgewood (English Edition)
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Publisher : Karen McQuestion Auflage 1 21 August 2012
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Edgewood (English Edition) Reviews

  • Connys Bücherwelt
    2019-03-01 04:57

    Nadia, Russ, Jameson und Mallory - das sind eigentlich ganz normale Jugendliche aus Edgewood, bis sie eines Nachts Zeugen eines mysteriösen astronomischen Ereignisses werden. Kurz darauf entwickeln die 4 übernatürliche Kräfte wie z.B. Gedankenmanipulation, Telekinese, Astralprojektion oder Superheilung. Zwar versuchen die Jugendlichen zunächst, ihre besonderen Fähigkeiten geheim zu halten, doch schon bald werden sie von einer undurchsichtigen Organisation gejagt, den Associates. Als diese den Neffen von Russ entführen, begeben sich Russ und seine Freunde mitten hinein ins Zentrum der Associates. Wird ihnen die Befreiungsaktion gelingen?"Edgewood" ist der packende Auftaktband der Edgewood Serie von Karen McQuestion. Einmal begonnen konnte ich das Buch kaum wieder aus der Hand legen und wollte unbedingt wissen, wie es weitergeht. Geschrieben ist der Roman aus der Sicht von Russ in Ich-Form. In ihn und die anderen 3 Hauptcharaktere konnte ich mich gut hineinversetzen und mit allen mitfiebern. Dazu gibt es noch die ersten Anzeichen einer schönen und nachvollziehbaren Liebesgeschichte. Obwohl die Hauptprotas erst knapp 16 Jahre alt sind, fühlt sich "Edgewood" beim Lesen auch nicht wie der typische YA Stoff an. Die 4 Jugendlichen handeln schon sehr reif, daher ist der Roman ebenfalls sehr gut für ältere Leser geeignet. Wer auf viel Action, Superkräfte und Sci-Fi-Mystery steht, dem kann ich Edgewood nur empfehlen und mir sogar eine Verfilmung des Stoffes vorstellen. Die ins Deutsche übersetzte Ausgabe ist übrigens bereits unter dem Titel "Helden des Lichtes" erhältlich. Auf die Fortsetzung "Wanderlust" freue ich mich daher sehr. Unbedingt lesenswert!

  • Gloria Muller
    2019-03-16 03:10

    I recommend this book although I never realised that it is really a book for the younger readers. I gave it a 5 star rating because I felt it deserved the points although for my taste its a little too youthful. A little like the Potter books.

  • Dori
    2019-02-24 02:57

    Ich habe das Buch mit Spannung gelesen. Bei der Handlung kommt man richtig ins schwärmen und träumen. Das Buch ist auf jedenfalls lesenswert. Viel Spaß dabei

  • scifiguy108
    2019-03-01 04:16

    I love a good sci-fi book. Supernatural powers, shadowy agencies, teen romance, it's all fine with me. This book gets points for a few things: firstly, it's not a vampire/werewolf book. When giving the characters powers, the author doesn't just say "magic" and have done with it. Secondly, the characters were not just vessels for a particular ability, or shallow and stereotypical. They were memorable, developed people. Thirdly, the setting and plot were well described. There were no blank spaces where one could not picture what the characters were doing. However, there were faults. The origin of these abilities was described as nothing more than a "phenomenon". No details. That bugs me. Also, even though I love a good conspiracy theory, this one was a little over the top, and a little too hastily thought out. A big company aiming to exploit a particular technology, or an all-consuming family feud would be great, but a globe spanning organization with no particular objective and the power to do absolutely anything? Blaming all the problems the world has ever had from the twentieth century onward on one group? That's a little bit...overkill. Also, the climax was a bit of a disappointment. However, this is one of those books that depends entirely on the reader.

  • Sandasavi
    2019-03-06 09:52

    I don't usually read YA or books about paranormal subjects. But, I loved other books by Karen McQuestion. She has a great way of easily developing a character and making them feel like someone you know. So I tried this book Edgewood. Wow, I read it in 3 days and that is crazy for me. I could not put it down. I had to keep reading almost like the characters who could control my mind! Lol. But, really it was a great book. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. The flow of the story was great, easy to follow but not predictable. I kept wanting to find out what would happen next. Even though the characters are teenagers they felt so much more mature than their years and so I didn't feel like I was reading a YA book. I hope it doesn't take too long for the next book to come out!! This is a must read!!

  • Christopher Mercon
    2019-02-21 08:15

    It just stopped. It was a good story but it just ended in the middle. I would be embarrassed to do this to my reading public. An author should have enough confidence in their writing to put a story out there and let it sell on its own merits and not have to employ these cheap tactics to make people go buy additional books.

  • Andrew M. Ferrell
    2019-03-07 08:08

    Today Gentle Readers we have another teen focused young adult supernatural book. I picked this on up for free from a mailing list I am on. I thought that it would be something I could screen for content and maybe get my son to read so he isn't on the video games as much. I think I will have a winner here.Russ Becker is your typical teenage insomniac. I was always a night owl so I could relate a bit to his plight.When one of his late night walks leads him up close and personal with what looks like a meteor shower, everything changes. Russ finds out about group of teens his age that all have the same problem, and solved it all the same way. They also have another secret in common, they all experienced a light show similar to Russ.Now Russ, Mallory, Jameson, and Nadia have something else in common, they all developed special powers after their exposure to whatever the light and rocks were. With great power comes an organization designed to exploit those who are gifted in this way. As Russ tries to sort out his new reality and the hidden world he has been exposed to, secrets are brought to light. Will Russ be able to continue his previously unremarkable life? Or is he destined for other things?Come along for the ride that Karen takes us on in Russ's quest of self discovery. If you are still a kid at heart, there is entertainment to be found in these pages.

  • Teresa
    2019-03-07 07:56

    I listened to the Audible audio version of this book.EDGEWOOD was a highly entertaining sci-fi/paranormal story. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. Russ Becker and his friends witness something that changes their lives. While they don't exactly know what to do, they learn that this has happened before. Russ has the amazing ability to heal people but it's somewhat frightening to him. This is written in first person (Russ) which really makes it work.The story gets even more exciting when a group of people called the Associates begin tracking them down. These people are somewhat like MIB. The kids are never sure who the Associates are or where they're at but they're out to kidnap and possibly even worse. This was a unique and twisty story. I'd love to listen to more in this series. KAREN McQUESTION's a terrific author and I'll always look for other books by her. She's proven to have what it takes.MAXWELL GLICK did an excellent job narrating. His voice was absolutely perfect for Russ. I was very impressed with how he made this character and story his own. His pace was just right as well as his voice inflections, reflecting the emotions of the characters. Such a great job and great collaboration of author and reader. Recommended."This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast."