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April, 1933 To the costermongers of London, Eddie Pettit is simply a gentle soul with a near magical gift for working with horses When he is killed in a violent accident, the costers are sceptical about the cause of his death, and recruit Maisie Dobbs to investigate Maisie, who has known these men since childhood and remembers Eddie fondly, is eager to help.But it soon becomes clear that powerful political and financial forces are equally determined to prevent her from learning too much about Eddie s death As Maisie uncovers lies and manipulation on a national scale, she must decide whether to risk all to see justice done....

Title : Elegy for Eddie: 9 (Maisie Dobbs Mysteries Series)
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Publisher : Allison Auflage UK ed 24 September 2012
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Elegy for Eddie: 9 (Maisie Dobbs Mysteries Series) Reviews

  • The Mad Pole
    2019-03-22 06:05

    Well written, enjoyable, good story, everything you'd want in a novel like this. Jacqueline Winspear is up with the best lady crime novelists.

  • drkhimxz
    2019-03-09 07:00

    Rather longer than I like, unnecessarily so, I thought, but well-written with a twist to the plot that was interesting. Maisie Dobbs is a well-developed character with personal problems which intertwine with her professional goals. In this book, her past becomes her present and future, as she is brought into the case of the "accidental" death of a man whose family and friends are part of her own childhood. Over time the investigation meshes, rather unbelievably, with world events involving even Winston Churchill. The Amazon blurb is correct in pointing out that the author is more interested in exploring the characters involved in her story than in the 'who dun it' aspect but there is enough of each to satisfy many readers. Her heroine is given an interesting persona, some of the peripheral characters have little to do with the mystery aspect but a good deal to with the outlook and emotions of Maisie.While, as always, allowing a good deal of leeway to the author to be creative in weaving reality with fiction, I just could not, as I pointed out, buy into the deus ex machina leading to the solution of the mystery. Still, many will find it a good read as did I.

  • MalteseMom72
    2019-03-10 05:11

    Love the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear so much that I have managed to purchase the entire collection. I enjoy Ms. Winspear's development of each story and characters. While I started reading this series with the 12th (which was received as a gift) and then the 10th books before collecting the others, I would suggest that you read the series in order (if you can) as there are references to things that happened in other installments. I am almost up to date as "Elegy for Eddie" is the 9th book in the series. I believe you will enjoy it.

  • Karen J. Dahood
    2019-03-16 04:04

    This is the most affecting of the Maisie Dobbs novels I have read (all but one). Winspear has by now brought her unusual female investigator and the supporting cast into fulfillment. The Cinderella nature of Maisie's rise from humble to handsome surroundings does not intrude far into this wonderful story of the compassion people of "high" and "low" backgrounds are capable of showing for one another and for humanity. We are shown her personal struggling to accommodate her own good luck but also finding her compass. The Eddie at the center of the plot represents simple genius, recognized by a few people for his special talents,and loved for his innocence. The evil deeds of the suspected villains (for there is more than one) are believably interpreted as results of the environment, economic and political, and of deep yearnings. Winspear is one of a handful of crime/mystery writers capable of guiding us on moral issues that span all time.I first discovered Maisie Dobbs at the store in the Imperial War Museum in London. I had just seen an exhibition on the children of Britain in World War II. Winspear's introduction to the earlier war put the war of my childhood into a larger context, the terrible cloud of arrogance and hatred that continues to hover above us all. I believe I have learned more about Modern history from her than I ever did in school. I wish an American version of this author would come along to help us fathom our own grassroots American experience of war.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-05 10:00

    I had read another of Winspear's Masie Dobbs series, and enjoyed it so much I thought I would try another. Although the story was spoiled a bit because I knew what happens in a later book, this story held me. It was not just the mystery, it was the depth of the character of Masie. Here is a young women, burdened with memories of war, trying to come to grips with reintegration, even as the spectre of a new war starts to build on the horizon. Using mystery as a backdrop, Masie's life speaks of wounds, of healing, of trust, uncertainty, and respect.

  • S J Perrott
    2019-02-26 05:11

    I enjoyed reading about Maisie's approach to solving finding what had happened to an old childhood friend who died in what was made to appear an accident. There was nostalgia - revisiting characters from her childhood neighborhood before she went into service, and then was at Cambridge in school, and then the war, and eventually had her own businesses. Much attention is paid to her current romance with the son of her childhood patron, and much questioning of that situation. It is well written, but seemed to move a little slower that the first Maisie Dobbs. There was some intersting surprises along the way. I recommend it.