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The Dirty Duck is a pub in Shakespeares beloved Stratford, and in this pub Miss Gwendolyn Bracegirdle of Sarasota, Florida, fresh from a performance of As You Like It, takes her last drink A few minutes later she is slashed ear to ear, the only clue two lines from an unknown poem printed across a theater program The razor happy murderer, it seems is stalking a group of rich American tourists And Scotland Yard Superintendent Richard Jury, just passing through Stratford for a glimpse of the intriguing Lady Kennington, instead takes a crash course in the bloodier side of Elizabethan verse....

Title : The Dirty Duck (Richard Jury Mysteries Book 4) (English Edition)
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The Dirty Duck (Richard Jury Mysteries Book 4) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Bee Dot
    2019-03-06 12:57

    I enjoyed the book and it came in a good packaging. I love used books too because in my eyes they tell a story aside from the one they already tell. #randomI can only recommend it to others who love a detective story that is entertaining and also offers a lot of intertextuality. (In this case the golden thread is Marlowe.) Thumbs up indeed!

  • J. E. Stoebner
    2019-02-25 20:02

    This is the first book by Martha Grimes I have read, after a couple of friends recommended her. She has a witty style and is obviously well-read (references to Shakespeare and the Elizabethan world play an important role in the book). Unfotunately the denouement, contrary to a reviewer's blurb on the back cover, is not well conceived and is resolved with the help of a deus ex machina-character flown into England on a Concorde jet liner (really). The main characters, Richard Jury and Melrose Plant, are likable; this book may just be a weak entry in the series.

  • PlantBirdWoman
    2019-03-15 13:15

    Superintendent Richard Jury of New Scotland Yard is visiting a friend in Stratford-on-Avon and hoping for an encounter with the intriguing Lady Kennington whom he met in the last book in the series, The Anodyne Necklace. His friend Melrose Plant is in town, too, along with Aunt Agatha, seeing Shakespeare plays and waiting - in Agatha's case - for some visiting cousins from America.It is summer and the town seems full of visiting Americans, including a group traveling with Honeycutt Tours. This particular group, however, does not stay intact for very long. After having a drink at a pub called "The Dirty Duck" one night, one of the tourists, Gwendolyn Bracegirdle from Sarasota, Florida, is killed in a public restroom behind a church. Her throat is slashed ear to ear and another slash rents the body from sternum to pelvis. There are no clues and Miss Bracegirdle was a quiet sort who did not seem to have any enemies.The local constabulary take advantage of the fact that they have a Scotland Yard Superintendent in town and ask for his help in investigating. Jury reluctantly agrees - without informing his superiors in London.Soon, though, all of the police have as much as they can handle because a second member of the tour, a seventeen-year-old beauty from Georgia named Honey Belle, is killed in the same manner. There doesn't seem to be anything to connect the two victims other than the fact that they were both with the same tour group.Meanwhile, another member of the group, a young boy, has gone missing. He is Honey Belle's stepbrother, James. He has been known to disappear and reappear before so no one is concerned at first, but days go by and he doesn't turn up. It appears the police may have a kidnapping on their hands in addition to two murders.But that is not to be the end of it all. Honey Belle's mother, James' stepmother, makes a trip to London and there she, too, is killed in the same way as the other two women. As the body total climbs, Jury gets assistance from D.S. Wiggins and his friend Melrose as they race to find a murderer, a missing boy, and attempt to protect the other members of the tour group who may be in danger.Finally, a man on the tour, a Christopher Marlowe fanatic, is also killed - once again by being slashed. It seems the killer may be branching out from targeting only women.After the last killing, Jury begins to put it all together. He develops a theory that perhaps only one of the victims was a true target and the others were only window dressing. Red herrings, as it were. The trick is to figure out which one was the target. That may lead him to the motive and to the murderer.The Dirty Duck is another wonderful stroll through the villages of England and, in this case, along the streets of London as well. It is written with Grimes' typical light touch and is full of interesting characters, which, of course, include a couple of charming and precocious kids and a couple of cats who play their roles. It is a lovely lazy summer read that whets the appetite for more in this series. I suspect I'll be cracking open the next Richard Jury novel on my Kindle very soon.

  • Denise O.
    2019-03-13 15:17

    I read a review of this book, that was titled, I don't read these books for plot. What an interesting title. In this case completely true, it doesn't really fall together, or it's stretched too thin, or it's not as well thought out as it could be. Though I could not do as well, not being a writer by trade.But the characters do, and the locations are some I especially like.I ask myself in each book, why Melrose Plant puts up with the Aunt? She's completely dishonest, and thief (and not a petty one), completely disreputable. She's there for comic relief, but she may be a little to heavily drawn, as a bad person everyone humors and puts up with.

  • Nash Black
    2019-03-19 20:13

    Martha Grimes's THE DIRTY DUCK takes Insp. Jury and his friends to Stratford-on-Avon. The birth place of Shakespease with is famous productions of his plays will never the the same if Harvey Schoenberg and his every present computer can prove Marlowe wrote the plays. Harvey will bend the ear of anyone who will listen to his theories and Melrose Plant is is chosen victim.Havey is a member of an American tourist group who's members are murder or disappear, but then Harvey himself is murdered. This is a convoluted tale that leaves even Scotland Yard's finest in the dark with a surprise ending that will have you asking, "How did she do that?"The perfect crime fiction story with a Sharespearian touch.Nash Black, author of SANDPRINTS OF DEATH.

  • JAR
    2019-02-20 19:21

    As with all of Martha Grimes books I enjoyed this read very much! Grimes gives you a page turner everytime with fleshed out characters and plots that leave you guessing. This is an easy fun entertaining read! Love English murder mysteries that are set around an English Pub! Enjoy then try more of her books you will not be disappointed!

  • tennreader
    2019-03-14 17:11

    Actually I would give this book a 3.5 rating if I could, but not a 4. This is another Jury investigation that begins with a gruesome murder in Stratford on Avon. Melrose Plant, Jury's friend and ex-lord, plays his part in providing clues. Plant's Aunt Agatha comes along with her usual snobbishness and adds her type of hell to Plant's life. I found this particular plot stretched credibility as the murderer's reason for the killings seemed quite irrational (now I ask myself if I think murder is rational!)I purchased the Steve West narration and, as with his narration of Grimes' earlier books, he does a superb job and adds significant value and pleasure to reading this book.