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FromThe USA TODAY BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF Until November THIS IS NOT A CLIFFHANGERTrevor Mayson had his life planned out make the family business successful and play the field for a few years before eventually settling down Then he sees her Liz Hayes was beautiful, shy and everything that he could ever wantbut she didn t fit into his plans After Trevor painfully rejects her, Liz finally starts to move on, but Trevor is finding it difficult to truly let her go It seems the he tries to stay away, the intense his feelings for her become Like a stretched rubber band, he can only take so much before snapping Liz Hayes is done waiting for Trevor and isn t interested in getting her heart broken by him again, but Trevor is making it difficult for her to forget him when he shoves his way back into her life Can Trevor prove to her that he is worth falling in love with again, and is he ready to change his life plan to let her into his heart 17 due to sexual content...

Title : Until Trevor (Until Series Book 2) (English Edition)
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Until Trevor (Until Series Book 2) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Heidi Horner
    2019-08-15 01:04

    Das erste Buch von der Serie fand ich noch ganz süß von der Geschichte. Aber das zweite ähnelt meiner Meinung viel zu sehr dem ersten. Ich hab auch nach Until Trevor die Serie beendet. Das erste Buch ist sehr schön und ich hab es auch innerhalb von einem Tag oder so gelesen, aber das zweite fand ich dann zum Schluss hin ein bisschen zäh zum lesen und auch ein bisschen kitschig (und ich bin dabei normalerweise noch ziemlich tolerant)Fazit: Nette Geschichte und lässt sich im großen und ganzen auch recht gut lesen, ist jedoch im Vergleich zu Until November nicht so gut

  • Kat E L
    2019-08-18 04:09

    Loved it. It's a great story and you just fall in love with both of them and can't believe all they have to go thru. And will they even make it. I can recommend its an awesome story.

  • Linda
    2019-08-14 05:26

    Ich habe mich wirklich auf Trevor und seine Geschichte gefreut, aber was ich geboten bekommen habe, war einfach super langweilig. Es passiert nichts, aber auch wirklich nichts im Buch. Durch ein dummes Missverständnis ist das gerade erst entstandene Band zwischen Trevor und Liz durchtrennt worden. Sie möchte nichts mehr als ihn zu vergessen und er möchte seine Verfehlung wieder gut machen. Dazu gebe man eine Menge Sex, ein kleines Drama um den Bruder von Liz und fertig ist "Until Trevor".Das war wirklich alles was im Buch passiert ist. Es war alles so vorhersehbar und es kam zu keiner Zeit auch nur der Hauch von Spannung auf. Trevor ist super nett, was der Bruder von super langweilig ist und Liz war einfach nur platt. Sie ist nett, schüchtern und liebt Bücher, dass Klischee kennen wir. Die Beiden geben ein gutes Paar ab, aber nicht mal die Sex Szenen konnten dieses Buch retten, vor allem nachdem man Asher's Buch gelesen hat. Da ist man ja fast auf jeder Seite dahin geschmolzen.Die Beiden Hauptfiguren hatten für mich keine Tiefe und ich habe keine Verbindung zu ihnen aufbauen können. Die Nebenfiguren, so wie Cash, Nico oder Kenton, waren viel interessanter und das sagt viel über das Buch und seine Handlung aus. Die Autorin hat versucht mit dem Drama um Lizs Bruder einen kleinen Höhepunkt zu schaffen, der für mich aber voll in die Hose gegangen ist.Das Englisch war wieder leicht verständlich, aber die Handlung hat sich super zäh gelesen und ich habe das Buch so oft unterbrechen müssen, da es mich gar nicht angesprochen hat. Als nächstes ist Cash sein Buch "Until Lilly" an der Reihe und ich hoffe wirklich das es besser wird als das hier. Wir haben in diesem Buch ja schon grob mitbekommen worum es bei "Until Lilly" gehen wird und es hat mich sehr neugierig gemacht!!

  • Raine
    2019-07-20 22:01

    ***spoilers ahead***This is the second time I am reading this book and I didn't leave a review the first time, but just a rating of 3 stars. After reading it this time around I'm going to up my rating by one star to 4 stars. I think initially after reading it the first time I was left with the fact that Trevor treated Is so terribly in the beginning by pushing her away after he already knew she was his boom. Especially when he had thought she was a virgin ad then froze her out after that without letting her explain exactly what she meant. And then even though he knew she was his One and he pushed her away he still sept with other women. I think that is why I gave this book such a low rating before. However after my re-read and I got past that part of the book I did enjoy the rest of the story. It is surprising that I've read Until November and Until Nick multiple times, but this is only the second time that I'm re-reading this book and it is because of Trevor's actions. I hate those stories where the guy isn't faithful to the girl.

  • E.R.K.
    2019-08-08 02:24

    I love ARA's books, but Trevor was unsettling. Pushy can be alpha, but never apologizing to your partner and making them feel like they did sonething wrong in expecting said apology is borderline mentally abusive. Spoiler: like Trevor going scarce when he thought she was a virgin and scaring other men off of her at the same time. The first is understandable for a guy who only did bed hopping before meeting his BOOM. He needed time to process, even if he did it imaturely. But the passage when Liz describes how bad it felt to have the guy she wanted who rejected her make anyone else interested in her reject her too...he never apologized for making her feel like crap. It's a reoccuring theme in their relationship and it's not hot or charming. I solemly swear to read any book you write, but Trevor is on the bottom of my list. His behavior isnt sexy literary alpha, it's real life gross.

  • AvidReader
    2019-08-13 01:06

    I gave this a chance after hating Until November because I seen some potential in Trevor & Liz in that book. I read 1/2 way through & will not be finishing it. First of all, it's the same dialogue with different names. Second, it irked me right off the bat when I read that Mike was Liz's godfather & her father's best friend. If that's the case, why didn't November know that? Why did those 2 meet at Liz's store & know nothing about each other? You would think that being new in town, and them both being around the same age, that Mike would have introduced them right after November met his family for the first time. Another book that skips all around & makes no sense. At least try to make it a little believable for the readers or have a characters that are developed. I don't know how this book has so many 5*'s. I guess we all have different expectations when it comes to books.

  • Ivy D.
    2019-08-12 04:02

    The second book in the Until series by Ms. Reynolds finds Trevor Mayson deeply conflicted - he’s found the woman that’s his “boom,” that love at first sight gal. But he’s freaked out and runs away from her, using the excuse that she’s a virgin (or so he thinks) as a reason to cut her out. Of course, no one else can have her. Until he sees her working at her godfather Mike’s strip club, and then all bets are off. Liz is hurt and confused by Trevor’s rejection, but he’s making it hard to stay strong and keep him away….The Good-The price: yep this was 99 cents and I couldn’t resist getting the series at that price.-Easy read: I was able to finish it pretty quickly. I think it’s because it has certain bits that I have a weakness for (intense attraction, hot sex, hero with a jealous/possessive streak).-the heroine: Liz isn’t a bad heroine, even if she lets Trevor get away with alot. She has her moments of spunk and her ingenuity in getting back some of her own balanced out his alpha-hole qualities.-Secondary characters: the best part of this series continues to be the banter and chemistry between the family and siblings. That’s where the writing works best for me.The Bad-Stream of consciousness/info dumping: the narrative is jumpy and the grammar/punctuation needs some work. There are big moments that still end up told to the reader as a flashback, which takes the emotional connection to those moments away from the reader.-Sex with someone other than heroine: This is a mild spoiler, but it’s literally the first chapter - the story starts with something that I normally hate which is the hero having sex with someone else after he’s expressed his interest in the heroine. Loathe that, and it turned me off Trevor pretty quickly, even if he eventually didn’t irritate me as much.-Alphahole of a hero: So, Trevor. I tried to enjoy him, and he has some brief (ok very brief) moments, but he’s not my fave. I like when a hero’s possessive and wants to protect/love the heroine, but there are lines and Trevor’s control issues crossed the lines a few too many times for me to like him.The Bottom Line (2.5 stars)Second book, kinda the same feels as the first book - I kinda like it despite some real problems and I do see potential with Ms. Reynolds’ writing, but Trevor's actions make it hard for me to really get behind him. Onto Until Lilly...

  • Kayla Brown
    2019-07-29 01:05

    So I am a huge fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds and her books and I love the #BOOM! Each book is just as great as the last with an Alpha Male and a strong heroine that make your heart melt when they get together! However out of the four Mayson brothers Trevor is probably my least favorite (but by no means is he not an awesome lead male and if it came down to it I would marry him in a heartbeat:)) I just feel like it took me longer to warm up to him because I feel like at the beginning he seemed to give up on Liz and left her alone because he was scared and although that is totally okay it doesn’t seem to really fit him and his character of a charge ahead and work through any problem. However I did love Liz and I felt for her and for anyone who ever loses a parent at a crucial age and how that changes your believe system. Overall this is still a great story, with amazing characters a plot that sucks you in and an overabundance of alpha maleness that fills your heart with Joy!Don't forget to check out my blog whenireadilive @ blogger for more book reviews!