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One former Navy SEAL One dedicated archeologist One secret map to a fabulous lost oasis.Finding undiscovered treasures is always daring, dangerous, and deadly Perfect for the men of Treasure Hunter Security Former Navy SEAL Declan Ward is haunted by the demons of his past and throws everything he has into his security business Treasure Hunter Security Dangerous archeological digs no problem Daring expeditions sure thing Museum security for invaluable exhibits easy But on a simple dig in the Egyptian desert, he collides with a stubborn, smart archeologist, Dr Layne Rush, and together they get swept into a deadly treasure hunt for a mythical lost oasis When an evil from his past reappears, Declan vows to do anything to protect Layne.Dr Layne Rush is dedicated to building a successful career a promise to the parents she lost far too young But when her dig is plagued by strange accidents, targeted by a lethal black market antiquities ring, and artifacts are stolen, she is forced to turn to Treasure Hunter Security, and to the tough, sexy, and too used to giving orders Declan Soon her organized dig morphs into a wild treasure hunt across the desert dunes Danger is hunting them every step of the way, and Layne and Declan must find a way to work togetherto not only find the treasure but to survive.Note to readers This action adventure romance contains a lot of action think treasure hunts and wild chases across the desert , cool offsiders sexy former Navy SEALs and a steamy romance lots of sexy times between a former SEAL and a smart archeologist This is treasure hunting Navy SEAL style So if you like it fast, and fun, and sexy, this is for you Includes preview of Uncharted, Treasure Hunter Security 2Q A with the AuthorQ How would you describe Treasure Hunter Security A Treasure hunting Navy SEAL style I like to call this my Indiana Jones romance series All the books star tough, sexy former Navy SEALs who now work for Treasure Hunter Security Dangerous archeological digs no problem Daring expeditions sure thing Museum security for invaluable exhibits easy Each book has a fast, fun thrill ride adventure set in some exciting locales.Q Why did you want to write the series A I love action, adventure and romance I have also always been a huge fan of ancient history In Treasure Hunter Security, I get to combine my passions action, adventure, sexy romance and some real life history, myths and legends I do a lot of research for these books Each story explores some ancient myth or legendary treasure and takes us to something thrilling locations from the desert sands of Egypt to the dense jungles of Cambodia to the cloud forests of the Andes.Q What order should I read the books in A All the Treasure Hunter Security books are stand alone adventures However, characters from the early stories do appear in later books, and there is a slight overarching story with the black market antiquities thieves our heroes face So I think it adds something to the reading experience to read them in order Heres the order I suggest Treasure Hunter SecurityBook 1 Undiscovered Declan and Laynes story Book 2 Uncharted Callum and Danis story Book 3 Unexplored Logan and Sydneys story Book 4 Unfathomed Morgan and Zachs story Book 5 Untraveled Hale and Elins story Book 6 Unmapped Ronin and Peris story Book 7 Unidentified novella duo Book 8 Undetected Darcy and Agent Burkes story available for preorderThe Treasure Hunter Security Action Adventure Romance Series Action Adventure Romance, Military Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance...

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Undiscovered (Treasure Hunter Security Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Kachina Kat
    2019-04-25 23:39

    The book started out ok, but then became completely improbable and far-fetched. If one is looking for a light, fantasy type read, without much brain activity, then it is ok. Was disappointed with the development of a potentially good plot

  • Jane Pike
    2019-04-28 21:59

    Dr. Layne Rush a workaholic, driven by success and married to her job is the Leader of a dig in Egypt. During the dig they find some valuable pieces and when she wants to have a closer look at them and decipher the writings, she is brutally attacked and the pieces are stolen.The museum she is working for, hires Declan Ward as a security specialist to safeguard the people, te dig and to return the valuables.They meet each other during a fun encounter (apologies, but I won’t reveal more so not to spoil it) and eventually agree to work together. She has to admit that he has skills and connection she does not have and he has to learn that she is smart, a pro on her field and not intimidated.Danger draws closer and Declan tries to protect them and unravel the scheme, a hunt against time that peaks into an escape and unexpected discovery.You learn also the dark secrets from both main characters while the story is going on.The book has drawn me in from the very beginning. The characters are well developed and the story is enfolding in a fast pace, twisting and turning. I got not once bored and could not turn the book down for a second. That it is playing in Egypt, one of my favorite places and dealing with archaeology might be a reason as well.Overall one of my new favorite series from this author!! The first book is definitely a must read when you like Egypt, treasure hunting and strong independent characters.

  • M. Harte
    2019-05-18 16:51

    I had several problems with this book, the history was great and I actually like the characters, despite the fact that they were both pretty cliched. The pacing was great as well. But the dialogue was a little stilted in some areas but I could even overlook that. These were Navy Seals. And coming from a military family and background, let me just say that the military has its own lingo. It has it's own dialogue and they use acronyms for everything. Not once did these team members use any of the acronyms or military lingo. They spoke like what we term "civvies" or civilians. Secondly, as a security specialist Declan is sparring on the highest sand dune to overlook the dig site. From a military background and tactical advantage this is a no no. Not ever. You're making yourself a big target. And you're distracted with sparring so you'll have no idea what's going on around you while making yourself a big target on the highest hill. See the problem here? From a tactical standpoint this is ridiculous. There were other issues from a strategical view that just bothered me. Man, oh man, this book had so much potential but I just couldn't get around the cliched wording, dialogue and characters enough to enjoy it. The research on the historical aspects of this book were dead on, but realize you must research the military and their tactics if you're going to create a character that is a Navy Seal. The military has a certain way about it and you can't BS your way through it. Military personnel and their families can see right through it.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-16 18:48

    If there was a rating above 5 stars this book would make it. This is with out a doubt the best story Anna Hackett has written. Based on a dig in the Western Desert of Egypt, Anna has opened a door to the reader to see what modern life in a dig is like, with heat, sand storms and thieves. She has written an exciting story of adventure and love. Anna with the skill of an expert story teller weaves the story of Dr. Layne Rush an archeologist from Rhodes University. Her did is a recently discovered complex in the wester desert of Egypt. At the opening of the story they have mad headway beginning the di and fount some very promising pottery and gold artifacts. Particularly a gold Set Dog piece with interesting writing carved into it. While translating the inscription on the dog the dig is attacked and the gold pieces are stolen. Enter Declan Ward, Treasure Hunter Security, hired by the university to protect the dig and get the relics back. He is an expert ancient digs and a ‘retired’ SEAL. He knows the area and suspects he knows who has raided the dig. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone. With a little bumpy road they work together. After getting back the Set Dog it turns out to be the key to searching for the mythical city of Zerzura. According to legend the light skinned, red haired people of the city of Zerzura revered Set and shunned the outside world. Check the story out at Wikipedia. Sabotage dogs their work as they struggle to save the artifacts of history. One act designed to close the dig reveals a gold sarcophagus and a gold scroll. Layne struggles to translate the scroll with its sometimes obscure hieroglyphics, finally with the key tit comes clear. The scroll purports to be a map to Zerzura. The race through the desert fleeing a second raid on the dig reveals the harshness of the environment. Layne and Declan strive to survive a sand storm and flee across the spring desert to escape pursuers...always conscious of the men chasing them and the possible treasure waiting at the end a thrilling story is woven. The descriptions of the temples, oases, the city of Zerzura, and the hidden traps weave a story not too unlike a recent movie. The ending of the story was a surprise. I didn’t see the unexpected help coming. Laynes’s quiet “thank you” I felt was a perfect touch to show her respect for her beloved history and the unforeseen helpers. Undiscovered isn’t a dry recitation of the original myth story and history of the search for it. This is a not put the book down sit on the edge of the chair rendition of a new search. Always on the readers mind is the question, will they succeed...and survive.

  • Kim Tindall
    2019-05-11 22:46

    I received this free e-book from Amazon and I am voluntarily writing a review. First half of this book was okay and believable second half was so far fetched it was hard to believe I was reading the same book.

  • Alex
    2019-04-28 19:43

    Series: Treasure Hunter Security #1--What’s Going On--Archaeologist, Dr. Layne Rush, is in Egypt on a dig when she's attacked and some of her artifacts are stolen. Treasure Hunter Security owner, Declan Ward, and his team are called in to help protect the site and find the stolen treasures.--What are the Issues--Declan is ex-military and he has some very deep issues surrounding this reasons for leaving. To make matters worse, the man at the center of all his problems, ex-SAS soldier Ian Anders, is the one who attacked the dig site. Declan believes his problems have tainted him and that he's too dark inside for love. Layne is determined to protect her artifacts and preserve history no matter what it takes. Her parents cultivated a love of history in her and she was devastated to lose them as a teenager; now she wants to make them proud.--What I Liked--I have been interested in ancient Egyptian mythology my whole life and ever since seeing the movie, The Mummy, I've been in love with treasure hunters, archaeologists, and great action-romance. This book checked all the boxes for me and I'm excited to read more in the series. I loved Declan and the fact that his security firm is focused on working with treasure hunters, dig sites, and ancient artifacts. We get an introduction to the other team members and I can't wait to jump into their stories next. Declan was strong, dependable, and respectful of Layne's work and her love of history. Though he teases her about her zeal for preserving things in museums, it's obvious that it's not meant to be hurtful. Layne gets portrayed as being another Indiana Jones and though she jokes it off, it's kind of true and I love that. She's this take charge archaeologist who wants to honor her late parents in every way she can. I especially enjoyed the legend of Zerzura and the adventure they go on as they attempt to find it. I wasn't expecting some of the elements in the end but it kept it interesting for sure!--What I Would Have Liked--I couldn't ask for much more in this one, other than to have a longer book. I did wonder though on the connection of Zerzura in this book to the Zerzura in Anna Hackett's other book Among Galactic Ruins. I assume they're referencing the same place and I would love to know more about that connection.