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Title : XML For Dummies by Lucinda Dykes (2005-05-20)
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XML For Dummies by Lucinda Dykes (2005-05-20) Reviews

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    2019-07-31 03:24

    This is the first time I've been thorughly disappointed by a "Dummies" book. The greatest value I got from the book was the explanation of Cascading Style Sheets. I saw no examples of how css or xsl affected the appearance of the xml document. In fact I saw no XML documents (using an xml extention) on the CD.I don't think the author and his cohart in crime (and this was a serious crime based on what I paid verus what I got out of it) really did a serious analysis of the "Dummies" book audience.When I buy a "Dummies" book I expect to get a simplified version of an explanation. I got more out of the W3C documents he pointed out. I also expect a little time be spent on exercises that let me create a document or two while guided by instructions in the book. This wasn't the case.I suggest to anyone thinking they might want to buy this book; don't. Find another source of information written at the "Dummies" level. You'll be happier than I am.

  • Old-and-Wise
    2019-07-31 06:01

    I'm usually not harsh about books, but this has got to be one of the worst computer books I've read. Admittedly XML is a complex topic to discuss, but another book "XML: A Primer" by St. Laurent does a much better job at showing the reader how XML works and is constructed. This book, in contrast, fails to show the poor reader what exactly XML is about -- and can do, and how one goes about developing actual XML applications. I mean, there are the code samples and explanations and everything, but after reading it I could not remember a single thing about XML. (I had to buy "XML: A Primer" to start all over again.) It's the rare kind of bad books that leave you unable to describe what you've just read.The book won't do as a primer, nor will it do as a reference. I suggest that you find a copy and read it first before deciding whether to buy it.

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    2019-08-14 00:12

    Skimpy, hard to read, and sadly incomplete are the primary attributes of this book. Key concepts are presented in a half-baked manner leaving the reader to figure things out. Examples are pitiful and incomplete.I tried to get hold of the three authors using the e-mail address published in their book to query on particular aspects of the book. One address was already dead and the other two never bothered to repsond. Why publish the addresses at all? When contacted through their website, even IDG did not bother to respond.Save your money. Buy another XML book or use the net to research XML.

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    2019-08-07 05:24

    I finally found out the tie in and conicidence with the *ml books from IDG: They have similat designs and authors. They are going to run the humor element into the ground. It was nice for the begiining topics but now they are trying to this for every topic. This book falls into that category in that every topic that was not previously mentioned in the previous books was glazed over and stuffed with fluff. Just buy HTML for Dummies and More HTML for Dummies and you will have two-thirds of this book.

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    2019-08-20 03:01

    This is the first "For Dummies" book I ever bought, and I was not impressed. I thought it glossed over XML fundamentals. It introduced concepts in examples without discussing them first (or even saying "there's some new stuff in here--we'll get to it in a few pages"). Also, it strongly recommended devoting 1-2 days to digesting the formal spec, written in EBNF notation--hardly a "Dummies" activity.I enjoyed Simon St. Laurent's "XML Primer" much more.

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    2019-08-20 03:01

    Given that this book was written over a year ago and is based on a specification that is STILL changing, I suppose it is too much to ask that it would actually contain some information that is still relevent. Incorrect information and expired links plague this book making it essentially un-usable. Too much emphasis on SGML, and not enough on actually teaching novices how to program in XML.

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    2019-07-19 22:18

    Ive read the first 4 chapters. This book explains how xml is different from html, and its relationship to sgml, but I have yet to find out WHY people use xml, or HOW people use it. Totally lacking in real-world examples of WHAT xml is. The book focuses on syntax, but skips explaining fundamentals of WHY, WHAT and HOW. Any other xml book must be better than this.

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    2019-07-21 00:23

    This is my first book from the "Dummies" series. It may be my last. Did no one edit this book for outright mistakes? Did the authors actually believe that this book would encourage ANYone to pursue XML? The only thing this book encourages me to do is find some better book on the subject. Very disappointing.